Porch Decorating for Winter

I didn't intend to take an almost month-long break from blogging, but every time I sat down with the intention of sharing something this past month, I was at a loss for topics. I delivered the farmhouse table I built last month, but I didn't have any new pictures to share of it. I started working on a custom bench for a friend, that I shared details on back in September, but I've still got a lot of work left on it. With the week of Thanksgiving here, I've started dreaming of ideas for my holiday decor and thought I could rejoin the blogging world, by sharing a new porch design board for this colder season.

Growing up, it was custom in my family to wait until one holiday was over before we could start thinking about the next one. And I've always tried to follow that rule when it comes to my home decor too. Technically our porch is still decorated for the fall right now, and even though winter doesn't start until the end of December, I'm always antsy for winter decor by the 1st of the month. Keith and I are planning to buy our Christmas tree this weekend, and so with indoor decorating about to begin, I'm starting to come up with ideas for our porch as well. In the past, I've always kept our porch winter decor pretty simple and just hung a cheery wreath. But I enjoyed decorating for the fall so much, I decided to go even bigger for this next season.

I enjoy mixing up our Christmas color scheme annually. Last year, I used mainly blues and silvers in the tree and around the house, but this year I want to go really bright and colorful with an array of neon colors. Since I already have acorns from our fall-themed porch, I'm planning to spray-paint them in neon shades and perhaps place them in paint-dipped terracotta pots around the porch. I also am hoping to find some inexpensive colored ornaments (or clear ones I can fill with paint) and hang them on brightly colored ribbons from our porch ceiling and in a grouping over our front door (like mistletoe). I'm not completely decided on the wreath style yet for the front door, but may try to achieve a similar look with ribbon or bows. I love that large brown banner idea and thought I could make something similar and write in a large ornamental font "Joy to the World" or "Season's Greetings".

I want to use a similar neon color scheme on our tree as well and am looking forward to sharing an interior wintery design board in the next week, along with some pictures of our traditional tree cutting. I'm off work all this week so I'm focusing the majority of my time on that custom design bench (and baking for Thursday) and hope to share a furniture post soon. Plus, I finally have some updates on my monthly peaceful acts, and so for the first time since August, I promise to share more on that soon too!