Updating our Porch Decor

I shared a porch design board the other day, and promised photos once updated. After I put away all the faux cobwebs and plastic skeletons the other day, I started putting together decorations for our porch to last up to December (when winter decor goes up). I bought pumpkins, squash, and a mini broomstick from our local grocery store last week. Then after work one day, I went to a craft store and bought faux flowers, leaves, scented pinecones, a grapevine wreath, and small wooden letters to make a fall pendant banner.

I didn't make a tutorial of our door wreath, as it's pretty straightforward and mainly involves winding individual stems of of faux flowers and leaves through the grapevine wreath. If I get more creative for our winter wreath though, I'll definitely share a tutorial here!

I wrapped twines of faux leaves around a white birdcage we have on our porch and filled it with scented pine-cones. Then I scattered the mini pumpkins and squash on our side table, bench, and gardening storage cabinet. Yesterday I also added a crocheted pumpkin I bought at Target to the porch.

Along with the wreath, I also made a fall-themed pendant banner with wooden letters and a patterned ribbon. I spray-painted the wooden letters with a gold glitter paint from the craft store, then super-glued them to a patterned ribbon I already owned. I'm still trying to decide on the placement but for now it's above our red bench on the porch.

I also bought a burlap polka-dot pendant at Target yesterday and may hang that along the roof edge (nearest to the flower bed side) and move my shorter handmade banner to the side wall above the cabinet or opposite that. I wanted to hang my banner below the burlap one but those wooden letters are a bit heavy and bend the ribbon if not against a flat wall. Ah the joys of crafting!