Antiquing in Round Top

This past spring, I drove out to Round Top for my twice annual antiquing trip. They host the event in the spring and fall, and if you haven't been, I highly recommend it! This weekend, the weather was wonderful again and my mother-in-law joined me this time so we could find a dresser for their bunk room. I typically go alone, so it was a treat to have someone else along to consider all the bargains and laugh at some of the completely random objects there! We spent most of the early afternoon walking and driving to all the various tents and I took lots of pictures of all the great items we spotted.

I need these chairs spraypainted yellow with a patterned pillow for a future patio!

Huge wooden barrel would make a great storage container, umbrella holder or planter

This gorgeous dresser was "only" $1900 .... Yikes!

Love this as porch decor for the holidays

Enormous and unnecessary but also kind of awesome!

This was definitely the year of bar carts. I saw so many great bar carts (or pieces that could be used as bar carts) and kind of wish I needed one or knew someone that did. I bought our red bar cart at Round Top a few years ago, so I definitely am not looking to replace it, but I could have easily come home with any of these:

Needed a lot of work but really cool folding sides!

This was also the year of bed frames and headboards. In the past, I've only spotted a few beat-up or older beds but there were so many great frames and options, I kept forgetting to take pictures of them. I envisioned all of these re-painted in fun, bright colors with simple bedding and accent pillows in colorful patterns.

Aside from all the great decorative objects, inspiration and furniture I always find in Round Top every year, my other favorite part is people watching and taking photos of some of the completely random objects there. I didn't manage to snag any photos of all the strange art we spotted, stuffed animals on display, or obscure kitchen gadgets but I did get a few pretty great photos.

I kind of loved this but was also a little confused by it - would make an awesome light (but also looks a bit too much like tangled snakes)

Table to match the car couch ...

I kind of loved the look of this pallet chair but my mother-in-law was clearly not convinced this was a comfortable seating option.

What exactly would you use this wooden spinner for?

We really enjoyed ourselves and even though we only spent about 4 - 5 hours there, we were pretty exhausted by the end of just one day. I'm assuming the only way anyone shops here consecutive days in a row is with the use of a whole lot of caffeine and some crazy comfortable shoes. I only purchased one item, which I'll share at the end of this post, but I fell pretty deeply in love with these other pieces too (and may try to build them in the future):

Both were way out of my price range and since I only brought $80 to spend that day on decorative accents for either my in-laws home or my sister's new place, I bartered $40 off the price of this piece and hung it up in my sister's place yesterday.

We also found my mother-in-law a lovely new dresser for their bunk room and got her a great deal on that. It's already set up in it's new home too but I plan to share updated photos of that space by early next month.

In the meantime, what's your favorite item I shared? And if you've been to Round Top (or antiquing) before, what's your favorite piece you've brought home?