Craft Series: Fun Projects You Can Make in Minutes

I'm still finishing sorting through the second part of our trip photos, so for now, I thought I'd share a few weekend projects I've been working on as part of a new monthly craft series. The first two projects I actually completed the week before Christmas but never got around to posting about them, so I wanted to share them here. The first is an easy 5 - 10 minute long project you can do while watching a good movie on the couch. This is how I made a multicolored pom pom garland, all supplies bought at a local craft store, for festive holiday decor.

Supplies: Yarn, thin needle, pom poms (color of your choice), and brightly colored ribbon for hanging (not shown in photo below)
Time: 10+ minutes depending on length of garland

Garland 1.JPG
Garland 2.JPG

Please excuse the poor lighting in the above photo. It's tough enough to get good quality photos in our dark living room, but it was also clearly nighttime too. All you do is string the pom poms through the needle and onto the yarn until you have a garland of your length preference. I made two about this long and hung them over our doorways, but this would also be fun as a tree garland or draped from the ceiling in multiple arches. 

The next day, I came up with the idea to make some feathery ornaments for our front porch, based off of some I almost bought from West Elm. I bought all the supplies at the craft store again, and attached the feathers using a hot glue gun I already owned.

Supplies: 3" foam balls, feathers (color of your choice), patterned ribbon, hot glue gun and hot glue tubes
Time: About three minutes per ornament

Feathers 1.JPG
Feathers 2.JPG
Feathers 3.JPG
Feathers 4.JPG

It was tough to layer the feathers so the ornaments turned out a little more messy looking than I would have liked, but they actually were pretty on our front porch hung next to some wooden ornament pieces I also found at the craft store and spray painted.

Feathers 5.JPG

This weekend I finally finished two projects I've been meaning to do for months now. Each took less than five minutes so these are really easy projects to take on in your spare time. The first was labeling some glass jars we use as storage in the kitchen. They are pretty plain and when we first got them, I tried to use mailing labels on them which didn't turn out so great. While purchasing some other items at our craft store today, I found these great chalkboard labels and immediately thought of the jars.

Supplies: Glass storage jars (if you don't already own them), vinyl chalkboard labels, colored chalk or chalk ink (for finer lettering)
Time: Less than five minutes

Chalkboard 1.JPG
Chalkboard 2.JPG
Chalkboard 3.JPG

The last project I completed today was one I've been putting off for almost a year. After our first half-marathon we ran last February, I bought a shadow box frame with the intention of framing memorabilia from our first races, and then left the frame in our room for almost a year. I finally hung the bibs from our first race (Austin 2012 Turkey Trot) and a photo and bib stub from our first half-marathon (Austin 2013). 

Supplies: Shadow box frame, photos or memorabilia, push pins
Time: Five minutes max 

Race Frame 1.JPG
Now I just have to figure out where to hang it!

Now I just have to figure out where to hang it!

I'm looking forward to sharing more future minute-long craft projects each month. Now I'm off to rake the yard, which will take a lot longer than a few minutes, and then continue sorting through all our holiday photos and get that second recap up!