Bucket Lists

I'm taking a break from all my photo heavy posts today to discuss bucket lists. One of my friends wrote a great blog post this week on his bucket list and it inspired me to share my own here. Unlike him, I have been writing bucket lists since I was kid. When I was younger, my list included items like:

- Have your own business*
- Go to college (I did!)
- Buy a Victorian house with original crown molding and hardwood floors*
- Get a boyfriend (I did that too ... a few times)
- Be an interior designer
- Own a ranch*
- Buy a Barbie dream house
- Volunteer at an international orphanage*

*I still want these things.

I was a pretty strange kid who loved original hardwood floors even at 8 years old. Some of my goals may have changed over time but every few years, I update my list to reflect what's important to me at that time. The last time I reviewed my bucket list, I convinced Keith to do it with me since he's never been much of a "bucket list" person. We wanted a specific time frame, so we wound up creating goals to do together before we're both 30. Keith turns 30 this July and I turn 30 early next year, so we gave ourselves a little flexibility and our hope is to achieve these 10 goals before the end of 2015.

1) Set a new Half-Marathon PR (beat 2:08)
2) Backpack Europe
3) Celebrate Mardi Gras in New Orleans
4) Take a 3-day minimum camping trip
5) Go to Disney World
6) Visit Napa and San Francisco
7) Have an all-night movie marathon
8) Complete a sprint Triathlon
9) Cross country road trip (completed 12/21/13 - 1/03/14)
10) Go to Vegas

Fortunately we've completed one already, and I'm currently trying to plan 2 more by the end of this year. #3 may be the most challenging since that means we have to plan for Mardi Gras next year and getting accommodations anywhere in that city is pretty much impossible. I actually tried to plan it for this year and reached out to several AirBNB rentals to no avail. I think the next time Keith has an union holiday, we should do #4 or #7.

I think it's important to review life goals / bucket lists every few months and remind ourselves what is truly important. So along with our couple's list, I occasionally update a list of my own life-long goals.

- Hike Appalachian Trail + Machu Picchu
- Kayak in Alaska
- Go spelunking
- Snorkel the Great Barrier Reef
- Live in another country
- Eat lobster in Maine
- Run a Marathon
- Visit - New Zealand, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, Amsterdam, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Croatia, Galapagos Island, Cinque Terre, Greece, Antarctica, etc (the list goes on and on)
- Plus the 4 I mentioned in my childhood list at the top

If you're a bucket list keeping person, what are a few of your life goals? Or if you were an overly organized child like me, what were some of your bucket list items as a kid? And do you still want to do any of them today?