Travel Tips: Surviving 30+ hours

First off, happy new year! Now we all have to get used to writing 2014. Hope you had a wonderful celebration last night. I look forward to sharing all about our Christmas and New Years later this week. But for all of you who were, or are still traveling this holiday season, I put together a few tips from various sources for healthy and pleasant road trips.

How to Eat Healthy While Traveling
The main tips I took from this were packing tons of Nalgene bottles and every time we stop on road trips for food, bathrooms or to stretch, we refill the bottles. I also pack plenty of snacks for our trips to keep us from having to stop too much along the way and prevent us from eating too much at fast-food restaurants. For snacks, I pack apples, baby carrots, smoothies (in a cooler), low-fat granola bars, and dried fruit.

Planning for Winter Driving
Before any road trip, I always take our care to the dealer the week before leaving, for an oil change, new wipers and to check all the fluid levels. We also never let the gas tank get less than half-full and check our tires every few days of driving. If you're traveling somewhere with icy road conditions, I've heard tips about cat litter being helpful on ice patches (kind of like salt) so maybe have a bag of that with your emergency travel kit in the back and some thick blankets or sleeping bags in case you're stranded overnight.

Road Trip Activities
Most of the activities I looked up for road trips revolve around kids, which fortunately we currently don't travel with. We love listening to audiobooks on trips, and our latest is the first in the series of Game of Thrones. We also enjoy mad libs and "my _________ owns a grocery store" guessing game. For those who don't know how to play the last one, it's a car game my family and I grew up playing on our many road trips. It goes like this:
My mother (or any family member) owns a grocery store and in it is something that begins with the letter B (or any letter of the alphabet).
The other people in the car then try to narrow down what the item could be in the store by asking questions like "is it a fruit? is it a vegetable? is it frozen?" When we were kids we could ask endless questions until we either guessed it or gave up. But as adults, we typically limit the questions to 20 or 30.

I look forward to sharing a recap on my December brave acts, our travels and holiday stories in my next post. In the meantime, take it easy today, drink plenty of water (if you had too much fun like us last night) and enjoy the first day of 2014!