Being brave in August

Last month I posted about my intent to be braver this year and my monthly brave acts. This month I kicked off August by finally posting the link to this blog on Facebook (eek people knowing my thoughts!). Earlier this week I also had my first dentist appointment in probably ten years. I'm not the biggest fan of doctors and obviously dentist visits are even worse.

Since it had been such a long time from my last visit, they took multiple x-rays and checked my gums and teeth for issues. Crazily enough, they were not only impressed with the condition of my teeth but also told me I have "excellent dental hygiene". Does that mean I can go another ten years without a visit?

Unfortunately no - I have my actual cleaning scheduled for next week which to me feels like three brave acts for this month. I'm still considering adding one more on as well. I thought of a tough one earlier in the year and have really just been avoiding it ever since. It involves me wearing a two-piece in public ... and taking a picture. For anyone who knows me, admitting to this being a brave act seems silly. But I grew up dressing very modestly so even running in a sports bra (one time) freaked me out.

I'm hopeful that sharing this, and braving up to the scary dentist, might actually convince me to push aside my silly self consciousness and head to the pool next weekend. I'll let you know how it goes!

How are your 2013 resolutions going? Anyone else doing something for the first time, or first time in a ridiculously long time?