Shades of Gray

Today I repainted my office for the third time. The first time it was a pale blue with one accent wall of stripes. The second time I painted over the striped wall with a teal accent wall. And this time it's a light gray.  

I have a difficult time choosing paint colors obviously. Our master bathroom and dining room have both been painted twice, and the guest bathroom is probably going to get a second paint job as well. The issue is that I don't ever go as brave with a room as I'd like to. I paint a lot of swatches on the walls first, check it in different lights, and typically go for the least risky of the options.  

And that is how I wound up with a house of bluish-gray and grayish-green walls and Keith's office is a dark sage green (he chose the darkest swatch and it's my favorite room in the house). I looked through my Pinterest boards today for some inspiration and found it interesting that most of the rooms I pin are either white with bright accents or dark gray with lighter accents. 


So where do I go from here? Well I have a guest bathroom that needs something a little more visually striking, a master bathroom that might get a bold ceiling paint job, and a sunroom with samples of paints on the wall. The guest bathroom is small with limited light so I'm still deciding what direction to go with it, but the master is slightly more spacious so I could have a bit more fun in that space. The sunroom has lots of light, high arched ceilings and white tiled floors so I'm definitely going bold in that room. 

Obviously I'm smitten with gray these days so I'm leaning in that direction, but maybe I should let Keith make the final decision since he's pretty great at choosing the exactly right shade the first time around.