Back to School

My younger sister starts her sophomore year of college this fall and asked me to help her with move-in since our mom is working out-of-state right now. She has her first on-campus apartment and we've been brainstorming decorating ideas for the past few days. 

We decided on a light blue / sage / yellow / gray color scheme and mainly she's needing help with accents since her apartment comes fully furnished. I'm a bit of a decor hoarder so I raided my office closet today and pulled out a 24" x 36" brown wood mirror, several canvases in different sizes, ikea photo frames, and cork board.   

I spray painted the mirror a silver-gray for an accent in her living room and dug through my fabric collection for some fun designs in her color scheme to staple around the canvases for custom art. I also bought a discounted frame at Hobby Lobby and replaced the glass with cork board for her to pin up photos and flyers from throughout the next school year. 

Here's a step-by-step on the custom fabric-wrapped canvases based on the photo below (left to right, top to bottom): 
1) Cut fabric to size of canvases and lay canvas against back of fabric on even surface. Center fabric to canvas. 
2) Fold fabric over canvas frame, use staple gun and start stapling at one corner. 
3) Staple opposite corner of canvas and pull fabric tight against frame. Fold remaining two corners like you're wrapping a present and staple each corner first. 
4. Back of canvas with all four sides stapled 
5. Two custom framed canvases ready to hang in my sister's new apartment! 

Fabric from  BottleTreeFabrics

Fabric from BottleTreeFabrics

We're going to print some of her photos she took this summer (she's a photography minor) to frame and hang around the apartment, and I'm going to design a few posters for her entry and bedroom this week. I'm also planning to paint an old bookcase of ours for her living room and am giving her a bunch of brightly colored mason jars and vases from our wedding (told you ... total decor hoarder) to place in her kitchen window. 

She's going to stay with us next weekend before move-in so we can get her all her final apartment needs (towels, pots & pans, kitchen rug, etc). I can't wait to see her new place and post before & after photos. She moves in on August 18th so I'll try to get some photos up that following week. I feel like a mom dropping her kid off at college for the first time - excited, proud and a little sad. I just have to make sure not to tear up or she might not let me visit her anymore.