The 2013 House List

I am a list-maker. I make grocery lists, weekend chore lists, lists of books to read, and house goal lists. My grocery lists and chore lists often actually get completed, I don't read books as often as I would like, and my list of home goals is updated every few months and tasks continue to be pushed further into the year.

I'd like to actually complete the majority of my home goals for this year, before the New Years, so I decided to share here and update you over the next few months. My current house goals for the rest of 2013 are:   

By October (2 yrs in house!)

Paint - my office (for the 3rd time), living room stencil wall and the dog bed

Build - my desk and a dog house

Organize / Decorate - kitchen cabinets and re-do bathroom lighting

Pay Someone Else - fix sunroom foundation, patch & paint sunroom and install wood plank ceiling in sunroom

By December

Paint - master bath ceiling, outdoor folding chairs, guest bathroom vanity, and stain speaker table

Build - coffee and side table, sunroom cabinet and master bathroom mirror frame

Organize / Decorate - replace guest towel bar with hooks, raise shower curtain bars and finish garage

Pay Someone Else - paint staircase walls, install garage door openers and buy front porch rug

I realized a few months ago that it helps to add a 'pay someone else' section to remind myself of things I need to buy and that I can't always DIY everything. Our staircase walls for example are steep and very high, so I'm going to trust someone else with a specialty ladder to take care of those. With the 3-day weekend approaching, I'm hoping to get an equal amount of house chores, running and leisure time with Keith in so of course I'm already starting to plan that out.   

Tonight I'm going to start taking everything down from my office walls and then have Keith help me relocate my office furniture, so this Saturday I can repaint that room for the 3rd time. I've chosen a dark shade of gray (no surprise to anyone that's been to our house) which is the same color we'll paint in the sunroom once its foundation and walls have been repaired.

I'm hoping to post some before and after pictures of my office in the next few weeks - just need to finish painting, reorganize, build my wood plank desk, and finally decide on a reading chair for the space. I love this chair from Urban Outfitters and this style from West Elm, but I'm ultimately hoping to find a great price on a similar design from the Pottery Barn Outlet in San Marcos. It's my go-to store for discounted rugs (kitchen), some furniture purchases (office daybed), and 95% of our lighting.