Kitchen Fitness

This month we've been working back up to our 4 runs a week regime, since we cut back during the hottest parts of the summer. I'm also trying to slowly add back in strength and cross training (summertime makes me lazy apparently). My legs are definitely feeling it this week with the combination of more running and some new leg exercises I've been doing every morning.  

I used to be a dancer. I did ballet from the age of six to sixteen but decided at that point that dancing wasn't my future career. I do still enjoy implementing some dance moves into my workouts though, so this past weekend I did a little research and this week I've been using some moves I found on I use our kitchen counter in place of a bar and my favorite move is the gluteal lift. I've also been adding in reps of squats and lunges too. 

Along with some new exercises and more running, I'm trying to get back into counting calories, cooking healthier, and starting up month-long cranberry-apple cider vinegar cleanse. I spent too many years in high school and college fad dieting without ever feeling truly healthy, so I'm not a big believer in the latest diet trends. I believe it's just important to be aware of what we consume (count calories and practice portion control) and try to make healthy choices. I also fully believe in occasional cheat days!

The cleanse that I do from time to time is essentially a liver cleanse. I always try to do it for 4 weeks and not drink any alcohol during that time. To be honest, not drinking alcohol for a solid month is probably the most difficult part for me (promise I'm not an alcoholic) - the drink also isn't very tasty. I mix 4 oz unsweetened cranberry juice, 1 tbsp apple cider vinegar, a squeeze of lemon and a few ounces of water if you want to help dilute it a bit. I drink it an hour before breakfast and find that it helps me feel fuller throughout the morning - also a great way to cleanse your system after holidays!

I just use Pinterest for pinning recipes and home decor, and it's my main source of healthier recipes. I found the health-cooking site Undressed Skeleton through Pinterest. It's got a funny name, but tons of awesome recipes and tips on healthy eating. Some of my favorite recipes from that site have been turkey sloppy joes,  cereal bars, and coconut almond joy oatmeal. This week I'm looking forward to making the breakfast sandwiches and whole grain light pizza. 

One of my friends and I are also thinking about signing up for a month of barre classes at a local studio. Hopefully the new moves I've been practicing in the kitchen are good prep for a little bit more dance back in my life, and maybe it'll finally get me into that two-piece!