Fixing a Foundation

A few weeks ago I mentioned that it was looking more likely we'd have to bring in a company to fix our sunroom foundation. With additional cracks in the wall, movement of doors, and leaking of windows, we finally started calling repair companies in the past few weeks. I researched on Yelp and asked around my office for referrals, and contacted three different companies for quotes - Centex, Douglas Foundation, and Level Best Foundation Repair.

We brought each of them out to the house over the past month to take measurements, provide their expertise, and write up an estimate. Centex was hired by the previous owners to fix the rest of the house foundation (minus the sunroom) so we brought them out originally for a comparison. Douglas Foundation was recommended by a coworker and Level Best had the best local reviews on Yelp.

Centex and Level Best both recommended pier and beam added under the sunroom patio - Centex to level it out and Level Best to help prevent it from further moving. Douglas Foundation recommended pouring additional concrete under the slab to prevent it from further moving. Level Best and Douglas Foundation both said since the sunroom was an expansion on top of a former patio slab, the slab was not built to hold that amount of weight and actually leveling it out with pier and beam could cause further damage. Level Best actually recommended two options - pier and beam for stabilization or actually lifting the sunroom, cleaning out the old foundation and laying a proper one to withstand that weight.   

Basically, each of the companies had different recommendations, various prices, and some overlapping feedback. We've now narrowed it down to Douglas Foundation and Level Best based on customer and coworker feedback as well as pricing. This week Keith is going to call both of them, ask more about their recommendations, we'll look at our savings again and then decide which feels like the best solution within our price range.

This is the part of home ownership that makes me briefly consider having our next home be a condo. I might spend a little time perusing potential 2nd homes on this site this weekend. Before we sell and relocate though, I'll let you know how the sunroom foundation process works out and share some progress photos along the way.