Mrs. Fraase

I would assume most of my readers will be friends and family, but for the few of you who don't happen to know me as well as some, I thought I'd give a brief introduction of myself.  

I am 28 years old and recently celebrated my 2nd wedding anniversary with my husband Keith. We met at a mutual friend's house party my senior year of college and started dating a few months after I graduated. Keith proposed to me in August 2010 at our first rental with flowers, candles, and hand-typed love letters and poems on every surface. Keith and I married in Marfa, Texas, since we fell in love with the little town on our first road trip there in 2009. We bought our first house, in the Windsor Park neighborhood of Austin, just months after getting married and have spent the last few years making it our own.

Some of my main interests are cooking, interior decorating, hiking and camping, reading, dinner parties, fitness, film and theatre, seeing live music and visiting art museums. Keith and I added a new hobby of jogging / running in September 2012, recently ran our first half-marathon, and are training for our first Marathon in 2014. 

I love traveling! I actually keep a separate savings account from our main account solely to set aside money monthly that is only used for trips. My current travel list includes New Zealand, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, Amsterdam, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Croatia, Galapagos Island, Cinque Terre, Greece, Antarctica, and the list goes on. My favorite trip so far was Keith's and my honeymoon in 2011 to Iceland. It was beautiful, relaxing, wonderful to explore and we can't wait to go back some day.

I look forward to sharing all my regular pursuits, travels, and adventures here. Thanks for reading!