Girl On Fire

Our runs this summer have been less frequent and shorter based on the humidity and heat of Texas. We only started running in September of last year so this is our first summer running, and it may be as difficult as when we first adjusted to running longer distances.  

We're training for our 2nd half-marathon in November and our first marathon in February. I had it in my head that training didn't start until September but unfortunately our training plan for November started two weekends ago.  

This past weekend we barely completed a 6-mile long run and only got in two short runs during the week. We're trying to get back up to 2 - 3 short runs in August and one long run on the weekends, so I'm planning to drink a lot of water, adjust to running in shorts (I hate it but it's a summer necessity), and start planning our meals again solely around training.  

When training for the half marathon earlier this year, Keith and I both found that when we stuck to a diet high in whole grains and lean protein, we felt stronger on our runs and our muscles seemed to recover faster. Some of my favorite meals during training season are Sweet Potato Quinoa Chili, lemon-blueberry oatmeal, lean turkey burgers, healthy smoothies, a handful of almonds or half a banana before a run, black bean quinoa salad, and vegetarian stir-fry with brown rice and low-sodium soy sauce. 

Currently my power songs for getting through these tough summer runs are Girl On Fire by Alicia Keys and Can't Hold Us by Macklemore. What are your power songs and / or favorite recipes that fuel your fitness regime of choice?