A Sunny Room

Currently our two dogs hang out in our sunroom when we're at work throughout the day, and then come inside once we're home. However, both seem to alternate every few days on making various messes (pee, poop, etc)  in there and we're actually concerned that they are starting to ruin the tile, grout, and trim.

Keith and I decided it didn't exactly make sense to spend a lot of money improving the sunroom with the dogs continually making messes, so we're currently designing an outdoor, shaded area for them in the yard (while we're gone) and will then bring them in whenever we're home. They'll still protect the back area of the house when we're not home and our home security system will further insure no one gets by them.

With the hope of having a cleaner, better smelling sunroom in the near future, I designed a mood board for my dream sunroom:


The sunroom is currently a blank space with white tile, white walls, and white ceilings. All that we've done is add wooden blinds and build a dog bed for the pups. I've picked out a gorgeous dark gray paint from Behr's at Home Depot and we'll be consulting with some contractors in the next few weeks on repairs once the foundation has been fixed.

We've researched how to install plank ceilings ourselves, but I'm also planning to get a quote from a contractor on that as an option. Of course, my favorite part must wait for last, which will be buying / building some cabinets for storing our dogs treats, toys and food, finding / building storage benches (or other seating) and converting some rattan foot stools I have into side tables with glass tops.

I just can't wait to lounge in this new space once the foundation is fixed, the cracks in the wall are patched, and it's been fully converted from a dog mud room into a sun-relaxation-room!

Do you have a room in your house that serves as a literal "mess room" (for kids or pets)? If you could turn it into your dream space, what would that look like?