Lesson for the Week

This week I learned an unfortunate, yet important, lesson that I wanted to share. It's very important to think long and hard on any DIY project before jumping in. 

We spent four days over Memorial Day weekend (and multiple weekends after that too) laying down a brand new patio at the back of our house. We kept our budget under $1000 and there is still plenty left to be done. We still need to seal it, build a small rock wall around the perimeter and add a fire pit. We knew at the time that there were some settling issues with our sunroom foundation (it's separate from the rest of the house) but we didn't think it was severe enough to delay our patio plans.

We now know that we should have brought out a foundation company to check the sunroom foundation before we spent a lot of time and money laying a new patio outside around two sides of the sunroom. We repaired some cracks in the sunroom but one has already reappeared and there's a chance we may now need to repair the sunroom foundation (the rest of the house's foundation is in great shape fortunately), which means breaking up part (or all) of our new patio. And of course, the foundation companies wouldn't be the ones responsible for repairing the patio if that happens.

So the main lesson here is - if you think something could be wrong with your house, have it thoroughly examined before spending money elsewhere. I know it's not rocket science. I guess we're still adjusting to being homeowners and really thoughtful in every choice we make.

We're getting a second estimate from another foundation company next week and bringing in a contractor too. We're trying to figure out if this is only a settling issue or if this is an ongoing issue that needs to be fixed immediately.