I knew I was a grown up when ...

I got excited about being able to buy a brand-new car.

Keith and I started spending our evenings brainstorming DIY projects for our house.  

I became interested in sprinkler systems.  

I started eagerly collecting coworkers' referrals for plumbers, electricians, contractors, etc.

Farmers' markets became part of our weekend staple.

We hired a housecleaner, lawn company and financial advisor.  

I got interested in gardening.

I started raking our yard to clear dead grass and give our grass "space to breathe". Then got excited to come home to green buds in the yard.  

I started memorizing our neighbors' names so we can greet them when we're walking the dogs. 

Friends could talk about babies and I didn't make a gagging face.  

I opened a retirement account. 

I realized my ten-year high school reunion is only a year away, and I'm actually excited about it (maybe that 2nd part just makes me weird). 

Dinner parties became one of the highlights of my weekend.  

I started being more positive.