Friends and family have told me for the past few years that I should start a blog. Basically that means if you hate this, blame them please.

I formerly kept a blog for the nine months I was planning my wedding in 2010 - 2011. I titled it Brink of Bridezilla and shared every single thought, every single meltdown, and every single inspiration board I came up with throughout the process. I'm a bit neurotic and it was the perfect way to talk too much about weddings to everyone but my fiancĂ©.

When I started thinking about blogging again, I attempted to narrow down my blog topic to main areas of interest: fitness, nutrition, interior design, event planning, etc. I couldn't do it. I love too many things and am inspired by so much that I just decided to let my blog be overly broad and talk about everything. This is what inspired the blog title.

Fraase is my married name, and when people ask how to pronounce it, I always say "Fraase. Like a common phrase." I took friends' advice to have a title that played off my last name, and realized anyone who knows me probably wouldn't define me as typical or even ordinary, hence my use of the word uncommon. I hope you enjoy reading about my atypical life!