12 Brave Acts

Near the end of 2012 I read a blog post from The Lettered Cottage that suggested choosing one word to define your year, rather than a bunch of resolutions that most of us never accomplish. My husband and I brainstormed ideas one night and I chose the word "brave". I decided to try to be more intentionally brave in 2013.

I do not consider myself a scaredy-cat by any means. I am afraid of heights but love roller coasters. I am not a fan of swimming but will go to water parks when my husband begs enough. At the same time, I am a follower. I don't speak up in meetings or at events. And I tend to hang at the back of crowds so as to avoid having to interact too much.

Once I chose the word "brave", I decided that I would push myself to complete at least one intentionally brave act for every single month. I wouldn't let myself off easy either - every brave act had to make me a bit squeamish, even slightly nauseas, maybe a little shaky at the knees.  

I still have several months to go and a few more big brave acts, but a few I've completed so far this year were: chopping off my hair from shoulder-length to a short pixie (think Hathaway in Les Mis), using power tools, riding a scooter in downtown Austin, getting a tattoo, starting this blog, and running my first half marathon after only being a "runner" for five months.

I'll share more of my brave acts over the next several months. Do you make a list of resolutions every year or have you ever just chosen one word or sentence to represent your year instead? Please share. I'm already brainstorming a word for next year.