Target makes everything Better

Okay, Target almost makes everything better. And I love Target. In that dangerous, I always spend way too much money there, way. I'll get to the Target portion shortly. The life update is that this week I'm still in recovery after last week's ER experience. I spent two days in a row in bed, then tried to sit as little as possible for two more days (tough during a Thanksgiving meal), and slowly started taking less and less of the muscle relaxants and anti-inflammatories prescribed by the doctor. I have yet to visit my regular doctor because, to be honest, I'm pretty tired of doctors right now. The last two mornings I've started the day with some light stretching with no pain, but being back at work for two days has been rough (lots and lots of sitting). I've been taking the stairs a ton throughout the day though and even got in an afternoon walk yesterday.

Along with the back update, our sunroom is also still a work in progress. Unfortunately the only full days the crew has spent at our house so far have been while I was home, so work has been very slow in there. Just as an example, here are photos from four days into the job:

Sunroom Day 4.JPG

And here are photos from eight days into the job:

Sunroom Day 8.JPG

Yes there are significantly less holes, and the doors have started to be stripped, but the baseboard is still out, grout has yet to repaired, the windows haven't been replaced, the walls haven't been entirely patched yet ... the list goes on and on. The biggest difference was the day they scraped off the popcorn - that was the most exciting progress I've seen to date for this room. Every day I come home hoping to see something a little more drastic, to give me hope that one day this room will be nice, and I have yet to really see that. Let's hope they can get a little more serious work in this week.

While relaxing my back and trying not to stress about the sunroom, I did a little window shopping at Target this past weekend and thought it'd be fun to share a few of my finds. I tried to also get the price tag in the photos too. First off, I am still smitten with these side tables I spotted. Red and gold are my current color crushes.

Threshold Mirror Etched Side Table , currently on sale for $71.99.

Threshold Mirror Etched Side Table, currently on sale for $71.99.

Threshold Mixed Material Accent Table , currently on sale for $62.99

Threshold Mixed Material Accent Table, currently on sale for $62.99

I am trying to convince Keith we need that red one for the sunroom, if it's ever done. Of course, Target also has no end of gorgeous holiday accents and I wanted to buy every single adorable candleholder and ceramic piece. I don't go very overboard on holiday décor but I still might try to convince Keith to let me add some of these pieces to our collection:

Threshold Metal House Lantern Candleholders , currently on sale for $9 and $13.50

Threshold Metal House Lantern Candleholders, currently on sale for $9 and $13.50

This one would look great on a fireplace hearth. And I bet someone super crafty could totally DIY this with a glass vase.

Threshold Peace & Joy Candeholder , currently on sale for $16.19

Threshold Peace & Joy Candeholder, currently on sale for $16.19

I always love keeping an eye out for potential DIY projects at stores. I was thinking on this one that ceramic animals could be spray painted white then dipped in glitter, and feathers could be added as additional accents. Okay, maybe just buying them would be easier.

I feel like their decorative trees could easily be DIYed though. The first one could be made with pipe cleaners or plastic fake trees from a craft store that are simply spray painted - these would be fun to make in a variety of sizes and colors for side tables and mantels. The second ones could obviously be made with fake flowers and beads from a craft store using cone-shaped foam, but I also was thinking you could use a similar concept with pom poms, buttons, or rhinestones instead of flowers.

Two nights ago I laid on the couch, watching my 5th holiday movie since Thanksgiving, and strung multicolored pom poms on red string, making brightly colored garlands to hang above our sunroom French doors. After posting all these photos, and that fun project Monday night, all I really want to do is run back to the craft store after work today and make some bright, cheery trees to scatter around our house now too. I'll share pictures if I get around to it, just like I'll post photos if I ever hang our porch sign too.