December 2013: House Update

Back in October, I posted a task list of house projects for the rest of this year. Though the sunroom is still currently in the works, I felt like mid-December was a good time to check off, update and remove a few additional items on the house goal list before heading into 2014.

By December (26 mon in house)

Paint - master bath ceiling, outdoor folding chairs, guest bathroom vanity, and stain speaker table
Build - coffee and side table, sunroom cabinet, master bathroom mirror frame
Organize / Decorate - replace guest towel bar with hooks, raise shower curtain bars and finish garage
Pay Someone Else - paint staircase walls, install garage door openers and buy front porch rug

I completed absolutely nothing from my last December timeframe but removed a few items and pushed back several projects for a few months. Here is what I did complete in the past two months that wasn't in the above list:

Build - my desk, chain-link dog kennel, front porch welcome sign
Organize / Decorate - moved cabinet to front porch, cleaned up front porch, decorated for the holidays
Pay Someone Else - patched and painted sunroom, replaced sunroom windows, bought treadmill for home gym (ie sunroom)

As I mentioned Wednesday, several projects have been put on the back burner because the sunroom has been taking so much longer than we originally thought it would (and is going to cost more than we originally budgeted). I'll give a full recap of all the "fun finds", challenges and additional costs of that project once it is 100% complete. In the meantime, here are my updated goals for the next six months of 2014.

By February 2014

Paint - film reels, craft table, guest bathroom vanity, stain speaker table
Build - dog-proof yard, master bathroom mirror frame
Organize / Decorate - kitchen cabinets, bathroom lighting, replace guest towel bar with hooks, raise shower curtain bars, finish garage
Pay Someone Else - paint staircase walls, install garage door openers, buy weight bench and front porch rug

By May 2014

Paint - master bath ceiling
Build - garden beds, patio vase lighting
Organize / Decorate - master closet wallpaper + paint, home gym
Pay Someone Else - kitchen lighting, master closet light, install sprinklers, gym curtains

I'm hoping the sunroom will be complete by end of day tomorrow and I can share more updated photos of the space after the holidays. In the meantime, the rest of my weekend plans involve baking lots of holiday treats for my family, mailing Christmas cards, wrapping and labeling gifts and much more. I have a few posts scheduled through the holidays so Keith and I can focus on family time, but I look forward to sharing a recap of the next two weeks in the new year!