The sweatiest race ever

I decided to skip my typical weekend blog post and just focus on relaxing and recovering after the San Antonio Rock & Roll Half-Marathon this past Sunday. Also, we currently have a construction crew working on our sunroom so I've been taking plenty of progress photos and will share a sunroom update soon!

As I mentioned, this past Sunday Keith and I ran our 2nd half-marathon in San Antonio. I checked weather conditions all week - we were promised clear skies, low winds and highs in the 80s. The temperature was unfortunate after a week in the 60s, but we also start running so early, we weren't too concerned about it. We should have been. Due to the humidity, it felt like it was 85 degrees by the time we stepped outside at 6:30 am to walk from our hotel to the Alamodome and starting line. And once we were about 3 miles into the race, the clouds disappeared and the sun started beating down on us, making it feel closer to 90 degrees. Essentially, it was not particularly great weather conditions for a half-marathon and certainly not something we planned for in mid-November.

Fortunately we were wearing sunscreen and light running clothes, had been drinking plenty of water leading up to the race and tried to stay well hydrated during it, but just after the one-mile marker, we started seeing runners passed out on the side of the course (surrounded by medical crew). We've never seen that on a race before (especially so early on) so it was definitely a bit off-putting and kind of set the mood for the rest of the race. I'm so grateful my mom and sister drove down from New Braunfels for the race and were at mile one, nine and the finish line because knowing you have supporters there helps push you to the finish, which we really needed.

High-fiving my sister on the course

High-fiving my sister on the course

Both Keith and I started feeling pretty lightheaded and exhausted about halfway through, just after the "Trinity Experience" (main hills of the race) and so there weren't many dance breaks, encouraging words, or butt pats. We both just did our best to continue moving our legs toward the finish line. We finished six minutes slower than our February half-marathon time, which wasn't a huge deal since we didn't go into it trying to set a PR, but even so, we were both disappointed with the race and time. I know everyone has good runs and bad runs. I know we will come back stronger from the experience. And I certainly won't take future good races for granted, but today, three days after the hardest race we've experienced to date, I'm still feeling a little exhausted and discouraged.

I would be lying if I didn't say that we've both expressed doubts since Sunday about running a full marathon in three months. I think we just need a really good long run to get our heads back into the training. We're taking it a little easier this week but are increasing our run distance and number of runs next week and aiming for our longest run yet next weekend. I'm proud to say we've run two half-marathons this year, especially being that we're still relatively new runners, and I know this was just an unusually rough race. We may not be quite ready for a full marathon in a few months, but I'm optimistic that we'll run one in the next year. And I'm positive that in the near future, we can cream that February PR. We've got the running bug and it's not going away anytime soon.