October 2013: House Update

This week we're scheduling several contractors to give us estimates on fixing up the sunroom, and maybe quotes for a few additional decorating aspects as well. I had the first contractor come yesterday and am still waiting on his estimate, but am hoping to get a few more contractors in as well. In my dream world, our sunroom would look like this when it's all said and done:

Sunroom Inspiration,  Houzz East Edina

Sunroom Inspiration, Houzz East Edina

In reality, we'd like this space to serve as a home gym, dog storage space and perhaps a reading nook. Kind of like my office, I worry that this is just one more room that we will never quite use to its full potential. We bought a starter home just a little two large for our two-person, two-dog household with no plans of living here beyond five years and "growing" into it.

I bet about 75% of people that say that are still living in their starter homes, right? I've been saying I was going to leave this town for almost ten years now, and one of these days, we actually will. In the meantime, I'm going to focus on my office and the sunroom for the next few weeks so maybe they'll finally get a little more use out of them. I also finally ordered those bathroom ceiling lights so that's still one more side project in the works.

Even though this house feels a bit too large for us, sometimes I worry that if we downsized in our next place, I'd eventually run out of projects. I kind of have the feeling though, that in reality, our taste will continue to change over time and I'll just continue to re-do rooms. I already think in the next few years, I'll be over stencils and maybe start painting accent wall colors again. I don't know though - the very thought makes me grimace. Maybe our next house's interior will be mostly white with bright splashes of color in paintings and room accents. Crazier things have happened.