October 2013: 2nd House Update

I'll start off with my exciting news for the week - my newest niece was born on Thursday morning! This is kind of my third nephew / niece this year since my sister-in-law had a baby boy in January, my middle brother and his wife took over care for her two-year old niece in April (and I then adopted her as a niece of course), and now our newest niece was born a few days ago. I'm one of five siblings and have three half-siblings too so I have no end of gorgeous nieces and nephews, and I love being an aunt!

Back in August, I posted a task list of house projects for the rest of 2013 in this post. With the sunroom, my office and bathrooms all in the works, I thought now was a good time to look back on that list and check a few things off.

By October (2 yrs in house!)

Paint - my office (for the 3rd time), living room stencil wall and the dog bed
Build - my desk and a dog house
Organize / Decorate - kitchen cabinets and re-do bathroom lighting
Pay Someone Else - fix sunroom foundation, patch & paint sunroom and install wood plank ceiling in sunroom

By December

Paint - master bath ceiling, outdoor folding chairs, guest bathroom vanity, and stain speaker table
Build - coffee and side table, sunroom cabinet and master bathroom mirror frame
Organize / Decorate - replace guest towel bar with hooks, raise shower curtain bars and finish garage
Pay Someone Else - paint staircase walls, install garage door openers and buy front porch rug

Here are the things I have completed so far in the past two months:
Paint - my office (for the 3rd time)
Build - my desk
Organize / Decorate - re-do bathroom lighting (almost done!)
Pay Someone Else - fix sunroom foundation

The living room stencil pattern accidentally got thrown away so I might try stenciling the rest by hand. We've decided against building a dog house so this weekend we're finishing installing chicken wire along our chain-link fence so we don't have to worry about Sadie digging out. And since I'm currently working with contractors for sunroom quotes, technically that work is also in progress.

In looking back on August posts, I also thought I'd give a brief update on another August post "My Own Worst Enemy". Recently I'm starting to feel like a better friend, not necessarily because I've learned to love myself so much more in the past two months, mostly I'm getting a little better about acknowledging that I'm a pretty selfless person. One of my friends is pregnant, the friend who's nursery I'm helping with, and after a recent conversation where she was feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the preparations she has to complete (daycare applications, plan maternity leave, nursery items, baby registry, etc), I started reaching out to coworkers for daycare tips. A few days ago at the office, I was talking daycare applications, best daycares in town, tracking spreadsheets, and scheduling visits (necessary or not?). And I'm not pregnant.

In that moment, I might have given myself a virtual pat on the back and reminded myself that it's important to recognize the good in ourselves. Just like most, I struggle with this on a regular basis. Even writing this is a bit tough because I would never want anyone to think I'm egotistical. I hope instead you all get a kick out the idea of me walking around my workplace asking my coworkers for their opinions on daycares. And then I'd complain that everything about raising a child sounds ridiculously difficult - of course to my coworkers who are all currently raising kids. Seriously you parents, I'm beyond impressed.