An Office for Me

I've mentioned my office a few times in the past and the long process of getting to where I'm at now. I'm not completely finished but I figured I could still share some progress shots and additional ideas I have for the space.  About two months ago I finished painting the room for the fourth, and final time. I also bought a leather glider, built a wooden desk, re-organized and made three more donation runs. I also hung back up some framed art and pictures I had as well as my college diploma. 

My Office Update: Oct 2013

My Office Update: Oct 2013

I don't love the art in the space quite yet. Like I talked about last week, I'm planning to design a large poster for that corner above the daybed. I think it needs to be something  a bit lighter since this space does feel a bit dark, but keep in mind these pictures were taken at night. I'm also trying to figure out what to do about that space above the daybed. I don't know if I should keep the shelves or clean them out more, move all my art supplies to the closet or my (almost finished) craft table and hang a bunch of art above the daybed instead. Here are a closer-up shots of some of the details:

Office Details.jpeg

I'm still planning to de-clutter a bit more and re-do some of the art. Eventually I'd love to hire someone to repaint all the trim in our house white, which I think would help in smaller rooms like this to balance the wall color. Obviously that's something we could do ourselves, but that is one project I do not have the energy to take on. I bought all the pillows on the daybed at the Pottery Barn Outlet in San Marcos but they are PB Teen, the leather glider is from a local consignment store, the silver metal stool (using as a side table) is from Joss & Main, and the yellow moroccan pouf is from Fab. The bamboo blinds are from Lowes and I'm thinking about making some lighter curtains to hang around them. I think it might tie the space together nicely to have a sheer white curtain (or lightly patterned) with pom pom trim sewed along the sides or bottom to tie in with those shams on the bed. 

From  Betty Joy

I love the yellow pom pom trim in the curtains above and have been wanting to bring in a few more yellow accents so that pouf doesn't stick out quite as much, but I think the trim could also work in a turquoise or light purple as well. If I start feeling better this weekend (this cold really knocked me off my feet), then I might try to get to the fabric store and see what I can find. If I wind up sewing pom pom trim, I'll definitely share pictures and a tutorial. Also, please cross your fingers that at least one of these three new contractor estimates I'm getting for the sunroom are a bit more feasible. The one from last week was completely unreasonable. At least, I hope it doesn't cost that much to repair sheetrock, grout and replace two windows.