It Takes a Superhuman

My husband is a film editor here in Austin. You can actually find his name and list of credits on IMDB (which is still kind of crazy to think about). I won't share too much more about his job other than that, since this is obviously online and anyone could stumble upon it. But here is what I do feel okay sharing, he works an insane amount of hours. As in easily 80+ hours 6-days a week. I'm sure there are people out there who work longer hours (lawyers and doctors maybe?) so I'll try not to complain too much.

He has been with the same film company for 5 1/2 years, so 80+ hours over the course of 5 1/2 years is more hours than I want to think about. It means we don't often eat meals together, most of my trips are with friends, and his brain is pretty fried by the time he gets home every night. People often tell me how patient I am, what a supportive wife I am, and how they could never put up with that. First of all, please know that I am not superhuman. Of course it makes me sad to see so little of him, of course it is very very tedious, and of course it challenges our relationship at times.

But my husband also gets to be home one day every week. And we always try to make the most of it with long training runs, trips to our local farmer's market, lunch somewhere new or movie dates, and one night a week we get to eat dinner together. It almost makes all the crazy long hours worth it just for that one day.  

Keith and I, September 2008 Just two months into dating.

Keith and I, September 2008
Just two months into dating.

Every time people tell me I'm so patient, I just think of all our military men and women, police officers and firefighters. Anyone that is in a relationship with someone who's full-time job puts their life at risk on a regular basis, you are superhuman. I am so impressed with your strength, resilience, and patience. Yes my husband's work hours are (insanely) long, and yes, it adds an entirely new challenge to us maintaining this healthy, happy marriage. I'm just grateful to know I'm not in this "superhuman" boat alone.