I started this blog as one of my "brave acts" of 2013 and titled it An Uncommon Fraase based on my affinity toward taking on a million tasks and projects all at once. This is basically about my life. And my life at any given moment involves training for another half-marathon, building furniture and gaining more confidence with power tools, freelance interior or graphic design work, planning room re-designs and repainting one of our rooms again, writing a screenplay, and any other completely crazy, over the top, totally uncommon interest that takes hold of me.

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The Fraase Family

My husband Keith, our dog Aurora, and our daughter Adeline will show up regularly in this blog. Keith and I married in Marfa, Texas in June 2011 and moved from Austin, Texas to Brooklyn, New York the summer of 2015. He works in film and I'm an aspiring furniture designer. I'm constantly browsing farmhouses in upstate New York and trying to convince him we need a barn and 70 acres. He's constantly jotting down film ideas and then we daydream about casting super famous actors in the lead roles.